General Info for Photo Day

We’re at Redhead & Merewether again this year along with our Bush & Lake locations too. We also have a new “Surfing Santa” session coming this year. We will send you a confirmation email with details on where exactly you need to go, 48 hours before your photo day.



We will clean down the set after each family. We will have sanitiser for everyone on arrival and departure. Santa will be 1. 5 meters away at all times. It will help if you explain to children prior to arrival that Santa won’t be able to high five and cuddle this year. 

NO MOBILES PHONES >>  CAMERAS >> PHONE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS ALLOWED and are STRICTLY PROHIBITED at ALL of our sessions this year. We appreciate your co operation.  

We try and run as close to your appointment time as possible. With us finding our feet with the new restrictions  your patience may be required. We have a first arrived first served system on the sand however its important to come as close to your appointment time as possible to avoid too many families at the same time. There will be plenty of room for all families to socially distance and we will call you when its your turn and have measures in place on the day to keep everyone safe.

We recommend Sunglasses for you and your children as you will be looking into the sun! Due to covid19 we wont have ours to lend you this year. PLEASE NOTE: You don’t HAVE to wear them but we DO NOT have time to do photos with out sunglasses and then re do if you dont like them squinting.  PLEASE be aware there will likely be squinting for at least one family member if its before 6.30pm & we DO NOT have time to photograph continuously to get a shot with eyes not squinting or closed. 

We ABSOLUTELY encourage as much fun as possible! So feel free to bring Santa hats, costumes, or any other crazy ideas! Santa doesn’t mind playing the fool either! We will have a Covid19 set to add to the moment in time of photos this year.

What to Wear? Whatever you like although red tends to get lost and blend in with Santas suit. White and denim always looks good but Photos with Santa are supposed to be fun so don’t worry too much if you’re not all matching!

NOTE: PLEASE tie hair up if you do not want to embrace the messy hair caused by the elements of Mother Nature. It is more often than not that it’s breezy at every session on the beach and we would hate for you to miss out on great shots because of messy hair.

We shoot RAIN, HAIL, WIND or SHINE! If it becomes unsafe such as lightening and thunder storms then we may need to postpone or cancel however we have gotten out on previous years in all the elements and still had a great time and taken some great shots! We completely understand if you would prefer to reschedule though, just please be mindful that it may be with a different Santa.

We trust you to notify us if something happens and you can’t make your session to let us know so, we don’t ask for holding deposits or pre-payment. We will notify you in your confirmation text as to payment methods on the day of your Photos with Sandy Claus.

You may decide on photo day how many shots you would like eg: One with just the kids, one with parents also or even a silly and fun one too! Again just please ask if there is anything you have in mind! It is also OK to decide on Photo Day if you would like a quick photo without Santa in it but we may not have a s much time to spend on getting an extra perfect shot.

We now have a WHEELCHAIR ACCESS and ELDERLY FRIENDLY venue! These are limited with times and dates as we plan it around our other sessions so please just ask and we will try and accomodate! 

Food allergies???? Please just let us know in advance and we can ensure there is still a treat for your child on your photo day!

We love and welcome your furr babies but some of our venues are not “technically” dog friendly so this is at your own risk and please take care with having them on a lead, picking up their messes ect. 

PLEASE NOTE Redhead Beach is in Dog Friendly area as is The Bush and Lake location.

We want you to be happy so if for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied with you Photos with Sandy Claus, please get in contact with us so that we can look to see if there is an alternate option you like better or  arrange a re shoot for you.

If your child/children have special needs we are experienced and would still welcome you to attend any of our sessions. Please just get in touch so that we can discuss your child’s personal circumstances and plan a great experience.

If there is ANYTHING else we can help you with please just ask!

Looking forward to seeing you on the sand soon!

Jasey, Santa & Team