1 x High Res Digital Image (with Santa)

Package 2 - Photos with Sandy Claus


2 x High Res Digital Image

(2nd Pose, Same Family with Santa)

Package 3 - Photos with Sandy Claus


3 x High Res Digital Image

(3 Poses, Same Family with Santa)


1 x High Res Digital Image without Santa

(All photos with out Santa are $45 each)

All images will be emailed to you within 24 hours of you emailing us after your session. If there are issues with your server receiving the large files then there may be a delay. All images are high resolution so you can print and enlarge as many and as big as you would like. Please note some devices reduce the quality when downloading so be sure to check all settings. If you do not receive your image with in 24 hours of sending your email, please get in touch.

Please note: Above prices are per immediate family members and for different poses with the same immediate family in them
Eg: 1 silly and 1 serious
       1 with just the kids
       1 with the parents
       1 with parents, kids and grandparents 
Or throw a silly one in there instead of the grand parents! 

We are happy to do combined family group photos (eg all the cousins together or a big family photo). These are an additional $10 per family or $45.00 for 4 families or more. There may be an additional cost for extra large groups and is at the photographers discretion. This is because it takes more time to set up/or longer to photograph. We like to ensure the best shot of everyone is got on photo day. 

The above prices apply if this is the only photos you are doing otherwise individual families will pay individually and an additional $20 to $45 will be charged for the altogether shot. 

Price will depend on size of group and time it will take and will be at the discretion of the photographer on the day. 

If for any reason you’re unsure of pricing for your family, please call and I’ll give you a quote for your photo needs!

Photos without Santa are literally exactly the same pose only we kick him out for a quick pic. (As pictured above) and are $45 each. A little more time is spent editing these images for you.

We have no limits on how many people are in each shot but for large groups please just give us a heads up so we can allow extra time. Again depending on the variations needed, as the price is for each individual session required.This is dependent on Covid19  recommended large gathering limits.

Please note Pricing and circumstances subject to change. The Covid19 Pandemic has presented us with circumstances beyond our control and your patience may be required while we navigate our new direction adhering to restrictions to keep us all safe