Terms & Conditions

By purchasing you agree to Photos with Sandy Claus Terms and Conditions which is conclusive of accepting our below listed Policies on Privacy, Returns, Dispatch and Delivery. 

Booking Policy

Your booking for Photos with Santa Claus is subject to change at the discretion of the photographer.

Your booking fee will be refunded if it is due to photographers need to postpone or cancel your photo session if no other time is suitable for you to attend/reschedule to.

Booking fees are not refundable If you decide to cancel your appointment at any time. You will forfeit all monies paid to photos with Sandy Claus if for some reason you cannot attend your photo session.  If you not attend and decide to re book for another session another booking fee will be payable.

Booking fee may be transferable to another family with the permission of Photos with Sandy Claus and if notice of more than 7 days before your appointment is given.

Your booking fee will be forfeited if you try to reschedule your appointment within 7 days of your booking. If you need to reschedule your appointment your booking fee will be transferred as long as it is not within 7 days of your booking.

A Booking fee is charged per session time. For example, if you need to book 3 session times then you will be charged 3 session booking fees.

Large groups and families may be subject to more than one booking fee if more than 1 session is needed and is at the discretion of Photos with Sandy Claus.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information collected from you by Photos with Sandy Claus is kept private and for the purpose of your booking and/or sales from Photos with Sandy Claus. Your private information will be kept private and will not be used for any other purpose nor will it be shared with any other non affiliated third parties.

Returns Policy

Photos with Sandy Claus want you to be  happy and we are here to help with your order so if you aren’t entirely happy with your purchase or photographs please contact us within 7 days of receiving them and we will be happy to replace/reprint/ re photograph your order.If no resolution can be made then we will be happy to refund your money. This will be via direct deposit into your account so you will just need to provide us with your BSB And Account Details.

Dispatch and Delivery Policy

We take the upmost care in ensuring your goods are delivered as promptly and safely as possible. We will notify you when your purchase has been delivered to Australia Post. If you do not receive your order within 7 days of  being notified that its been dispatched then please contact us to advise. We reserve the right to use our discretion in each individual matter as the whether there will be a charge for replacements as we take no responsibility for any items under the amount of  $25.00 that is sent through Australia Post.